Did you fail to achieve any of your health, fitness, or weight loss goals in 2016?

Was it because of a lack of information on health and wellness? Were there no articles or news reports on how to get healthy? No healthy recipes on the internet? No videos or magazines on fitness?

Actually, there is an overwhelming amount of information on everything to do with healthy eating, lifestyle, food choices, fitness choices.

Was it due to a lack of time?

We all have the same 24 hours a day, and plenty of people manage to do all of the same things you do in a day, if not more, yet they still live an active and healthy lifestyle, full of energy, and enjoying their lives stress free.

Did you not have enough money?

There are plenty of ways to get more physical activity that can actually save you money, like saving on gas by walking or biking, and many employers offer health incentives, not to mention the saving in medical expenses prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.

So what caused you to fail? Because, let’s just call it what we would any other numerous list of excuses for why we didn’t achieve our bottom line. If we were in the board room, it would just be someone’s ass for not getting the job done. Period. No one likes to fail, so maybe you’re more comfortable with the term, “fell short,” or “closer than before.”

But close only counts in hand grenades and horse shoes.

So let’s cut to the chase and just admit that your unmet goals for 2016, whether they were business, health, or life related, they weren’t  a “must.”

They were “shoulds.”

A few examples:

When you must be at a meeting, or you will be fired versus, I should have a salad instead of a double quarter pounder with cheese.

I must make it to the parent teacher conference or my child will fail this grade, versus, I should go to yoga class instead of booze and bingo after work.

I must go to the doctor and have my physical exam to be cleared for work, versus I should spend a few minutes writing out my goals and specifically planning how to accomplish them.

So how will you be more likely to NOT fail with your 2017 goals?

First, by deciding that your goals are a non negotiable. As we approach the new year, you should be putting real time, energy, and effort into planning for next years goals. I don’t like the term “resolutions,” because by January 15th, 92% of all those who even made resolutions, will have broken them. Writing down your goals, as specifically as possible, puts you truly, in an elite group of achievers-only 3 out of 100 people take the time write down their goals. Writing them down, also increases your rate of success by 50 to 75% in actually reaching your goal!

So my first question is, did you even write down your goals last year? And if so, I’d like to see them! Because most people don’t get really clear on what it is they want to achieve, by when, and why, and they have no emotional anchor to the goal.

So what else can you do this year, to make sure you don’t “fall short” of your new opportunity to go for it?

What can you do this year, that thousands of others have done to  succeed in reaching their goals? Successful people save valuable resources, like time and money, by not reinventing the wheel, they model. So who do you think has your dream life, and how did they achieve it? How many successful entrepreneurs, musicians, celebrities, athletes, and infamous, intelligent, invigorated individuals do you know, who have a coach? Before you answer, or roll your eyes…..

Did you play any sports in school, or as a kid?  Most likely. Did you have a coach? Yes

Did you get paid to show up for practice? No.

Did you go to jail if you missed a game? No.

Did your future depend entirely on wether you won or lost a single match, game, or race? No.

But,  you showed up-to practice, to games, to tournaments, to meetings, to scrimmages. You showed up because more than anything or anyone else, you being there mattered to who? To your coach. Yes, your teammates, if it was a team sport, but if it was tennis, or golf, or track, or wrestling, or even chess; even in team sports, you still put forth your best individual efforts. To your coach, every single person on the team was special in their own unique way with talent only they had. And to your coach,  it was never just about beating your opponent, it was about beating your own best score. And having a coach meant having someone to give you the discipline,  the skills, the knowledge, the competitive edge, the drive, and the hunger to achieve what you did not think was possible. It took someone with experience to see what you could not see within yourself, and to bring it out your best.

Your glory days aren’t behind you, they are right in front of you. You can accomplish more now, than you ever achieved in your past. Think about Roger Bannister…No one thought the 4 minute mile was humanly possible, but as soon as he broke the record, then how many people ran a four minute mile? How many have broken records at every Olympic game since then? Hundreds. So, now that a grandpa (see photos below) has strutted his six pack on the fashion runway looking hot, while doing it, who says you can’t do any and everything you thought was a pipe dream?

Look at everything you’ve done in life…think back to a moment when there was something you absolutely did not know you could do-buying your first car, nailing a huge job interview, proposing to your significant other, having a baby. Hell, if you have managed to mortgage a house, or keep a human being alive for more than 10 years, or live through the death of a loved one, or battle an illness, or survive a divorce, then you can do anything. Holy hell, Christmas is ranked the sixth most stressful event in life, behind moving, death, marriage, divorce, and having a kid. So if you survive the holidays, it is smooth sailing from here on out, for you, Santa, and the elves. Seriously, it’s all a matter of perspective. Your perspective is your reality, so change the way you think about a thing, and you change the thing. Think of it as already done, and it is. Start acting as if you’ve already run your first marathon, or a triathlon! And when you start training, you’ve already conquered the hardest part, your mindset, your beliefs.

What you believe and focus on expands, even if what you believe is totally false. Have you ever been so angry, so hurt, so ready to punch someone in the face because of something they said or did, and then you found out they didn’t say or do anything you thought they had? It was just a miscommunication or a mistake, but you had all of those very real  and strong emotions, all because of something that never really happened. It’s all about your reality. And your reality, whether right or wrong, affects your emotion, and those emotions drive your decisions, and those decisions determine your outcome. If your belief is that to get healthy, you have to totally give up anything that tastes good, you have to spend tons of money on organic food, and spend 12 hours a week doing cross fit, and you have to meditate for 2 hours a day, and do wheat grass enemas, then hell no, I wouldn’t want to get healthy, either. But what if getting healthy, fit and losing weight just meant one or two small changes to either your food or lifestyle choices once a week? What if you could just make even one change at a time, one week at a time, for six weeks, and begin to see results? What if after 12 weeks, you’re more than half way to your goal? And you don’t feel restricted or starved, or like you are punishing yourself. What if it didn’t cause you any added stress, and in fact, you felt less frazzled and like you weren’t pulled in so many different directions simultaneously? Does that make achieving a healthier lifestyle seem more appealing? Maybe even doable, and something you could get excited about?

Because as a health and wellness consultant, that’s what I do. I make getting in the best shape- physically, mentally, emotionally, in business, in relationships-just as rewarding and exciting as those sports you played back in the day. I help you realize why the changes you need to make are a must, we determine why you want and need to make changes. Then once we have a compelling why, that is emotionally anchored to your desired outcome, we strategize every step to get you closer and closer to your goal, we map out any possible challenges, because anticipation, planning ahead for any potential threats that could undermine your efforts, allows you to determine how to minimize any obstacles and or bypass them completely. All the while keeping your desired outcome visible, so you can see what you’re aiming for. Yes, information and strategy are important to achieving your health and wellness goals, but psychology plays the most important role. The mind is so powerful…one quick example is how when you buy a new car, then suddenly, everyone is driving the exact same car. Not really, you just weren’t focused on that vehicle until you bought it. Our minds have something called a reticular activation system, which simply put, means that there is no possible way the human brain could take in everything going on around us in any given moment, so we have selective awareness. For example, you aren’t aware of the ceiling fan turning above your head, or the blood pulsing through your left earlobe, or the feeling of your feet on the floor, until I  brought it to your attention. So wherever we focus our attention, our brain, like a heat seeking missile,  will look for more of where our attention is focused. The rest of the unnecessary and overabundant information gets sent to our subconscious, or deleted, so we don’t explode from sensory overload. The opposite can also be true. For example,  when we are determined not to see something the way it really is because we’ve already made up our minds and determined our reality (again, whether right or wrong, true or false), we create blind spots. So when someone says, there’s no healthy places to eat lunch near my office, is that truth, or just a blind spot? I have no time to work out-excuse, or blind spot?

So, as a coach, I help you understand how to train your awareness and intention to be laser focused on your desired outcome, and make that missile hit the bullseye of your goals. I’ll also help you determine and unveil any blind spots, and help you find reassurance that your judgement isn’t clouded by a made up mindset that is no longer serving you. Most importantly, I help you understand not only “why” you want to achieve your goals, but also the “why” behind unreached goals prior to now, and best of all, I ensure that you have fun during the whole process, and celebrate every milestone you reach along the way.

So give me your best excuses, tell me why you can’t do it, tell me why you should make your health a must, yet you haven’t, and then “should” all over yourself, because of all the other stuff in your life. Then I’ll show you how whatever it is, it can and will be done. Not because I’m cracking a leather whip, or blowing a whistle in your ear, or making threats, but because you want to do it, and because  you’ve already proven to yourself that when you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen, and because armed with all of the right information, you know you CAN succeed at whatever you make up your mind to accomplish. If in 6 weeks, you haven’t seen any results, then we part ways, and you’ve lost nothing, except, a couple of lame excuses, some excess fat and bad habit or two. If in 6 weeks, you see results, then you give me another 18 weeks, and we will not only reach your goals, we will blow them out of the water!


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