When my grandmother was extremely pregnant with my mom, she lived in a house that was very close to a busy street. She simply could not chase my uncle, who was three, at the time, but she was terrified he would run into the traffic passing by, before she could catch him. So she did what any parent would do, she protected him with what she had, which was a rope, and an oak tree. Yep, she tied him to a tree. I’m quite sure people driving by thought she’d lost her mind, and yes, today, we would be calling the police for child abuse and cruelty, but she was only doing everything possible to ensure her son was not in harms way, and she did what she could to protect him from danger. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like life has, in fact, tied me to a tree. But I know it was with my best interest and safety in mind. It was definitely divine guidance directing me away from disaster and possible destruction.
I respect whatever word you use to embrace the great Divine, whether it’s God, angels, or Spirit, or any other name that describes your Higher Power. I just happen to have a tattoo of an angel on my ass, because I’ve always had an angel looking out for my ass. I’ve been blessed to have someone or something much wiser than myself, to look after my long term safety and happiness, rather than giving me the immediate gratification I was demanding. Like my uncle, I have been in the middle of my own world, having too much fun, to see the oncoming collision. I’ve been, at times, blinded by love, to the oncoming physical or emotional wounds certain to be left in the wreckage. I’ve been so damn determined to get my way, going about getting it my way, I was unaware that I was on a crash course. Whether it’s because we aren’t mature enough to see it, or we just ignore the potential and possible consequences of being unaware of how close we are to potential danger, I am always grateful in hindsight, to have had my blind spots become visible, no longer ignoring the warnings, and walking right into oncoming traffic. However, I have been known to throw an even bigger tantrum than a three year old, when I feel like I can’t get very far, and no matter how much I protest, or pitch a fit, or I can’t shake the feeling of what feels like a force holding me back. It feels like I should be able to get farther toward my goal, but it seems just out of reach, like I’ve been tied down. Then only to realize, afterward, that I am thankful I didn’t suffer the consequences of living my life with so little fear, or being so oblivious to the repercussions of my childish behavior and self satisfaction.
One of those thankful times, was when I was tied to a tree-by being literally tied to an IV pole. I had my IV pole for so long, I named him. Bob. He was by my side for so long, that he was adorned with a shirt, a balloon head, a couple of small stuffed animals, and even Mardi Gras bead necklaces. I was on my deathbed for weeks in the hospital battling Crohn’s disease. Prior to that, I was an NFL cheerleader living like a rock star in South Beach! In fact, the day I became attached to Bob, I was on my way to the airport with Super Bowl tickets in hand. I was up and coming in real estate, had a bright future, and an even brighter night life! But I didn’t realize just how out of control my life, and my partying habits, had become. In the process of almost losing my life, I actually learned how to live my life fully, every day. I not only healed physically, but I healed emotionally. I recovered from surgery, but it felt more like my soul had recovered and mended far more than my body had.

There had been warnings,
“watch out,”
“getting too close,”
“you’re going to get hurt,”
but I never acknowledged the signals for trouble ahead. I didn’t pay attention, or mind whatever rules the universe was screaming in my ear. I look back with so much gratitude at the fact that I didn’t end up in jail, killed, or even worse, killing someone else, with my poor judgement and immaturity. Yes, there was collateral damage and fallout from all of the frivolous decisions, but very insignificant compared to what could have been. Mostly, just a lot of embarrassment. God knew how to get my attention, and keep me from getting hurt, by keeping me out of the road, and tying me to a tree, in the hospital. Angels made sure I was still, and immobile, just long enough to learn my lesson, and move forward in a direction that would allow me to live the best life possible, and to help others do the same.
When you’ve gone though some sort of loss, or you feel trapped instead of just stuck, maybe you’re being kept safe. When you feel like circumstances beyond your control, have altered the direction of your life, know that it may just be a redirection to keep you off of a path of destruction. Divine intervention may be detouring you from harm, to yourself, or others. Sometimes we just have to yield to the divine wisdom of destiny, and let life redirect us to a better, more exciting, and less perilous playground, with better playmates, to play a bigger life.
If you have learned a lesson, felt trapped, or tied to a tree by life, then maybe it’s time to play bigger. I’d love to know if you’ve felt this way, and what the outcome has been. And if you’re looking for a new playground, and better playmates, then join me for a free group coaching session! Contact me asap at Jennifer for more info, or just to share some feedback.