In a recent post about relationships and health, I mentioned that you get what you give, and I want to share a perfect example. How showing a little selfless love blew my instagram UP! And it’s truly a full circle story.
Right after I moved to saint augustine, I was still very sick, still grieving my brother, and raising a toddler in the throws of her terrible twos. I met a beautiful family here in our neighborhood, who invited us to a valentines church service for a youth group fundraiser. I just knew Abigail would grow up thinking that church was suppose to be spaghetti and cupcakes with kids putting on skits for the rest of her life. While struggling to get out of the church with a squirmy little girl, an older lady started chatting me up, and the father who had invited me was trying desperately to help me get away politely, but she ended up pulling out a printed out copy of something to give me when she found out that I was on prednisone for Lupus and Crohn’s disease. I got home and found the crumpled up piece of paper in the diaper bag, and it was “The Spoon Theory” from a website called, which was a fitting title for someone who had been told that for the past ten years!
When I read the paper, I cried for hours, tears of relief, because someone had found the words I’d been searching my soul for to describe what having a long term chronic illness feels like. I suddenly understood that I was not alone. And I think I felt armed in a way that I hadn’t been, finally able to defend myself against doctors, family, and friends who thought that just because I didn’t look sick, meant I must be fine. It was empowering, to say the least, and was totally a blessing from Heaven that I just happened to meet this woman at some random church who just happened to have a printed out copy of it. Nothing happens by accident.
So fast forward 5 year, as I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed and another chronic illness blogger, who I’ve been following for about 2 years, and is also from Alabama, posted that The SPOON Lady was in need of help. I went to the link to read about Christine’s challenges and understood very well what she’s going through. I didn’t have a lot of money to donate, but wanted to help. So I spent the next hour creating a few posts, directing people to the site. Someone started the fund for her, so I knew she wouldn’t promote the site herself, I would feel the same way.
But here’s the interesting part, overnight, my instagram account blew up. I had so many new followers, and a ton of engagement. And I’ve kind of prided myself, not really, on organic growth. So I truly believe that just taking a few minutes to do something unselfishly for someone else, with no expectation of anything in return, did wonders for my life. I’m quite sure that when she wrote “The SPOON Theory,” Christine was being completely loving and selfless, and has now created an entire community of “spoonies” that have united in taking a stand against diseases, like Lupus. Take a chance a do something out of love, wanting nothing in return and see what that kind of thing does for your life, and let me know what happens.