Have you all but given up on the health, wellness, or weight loss goals you made at the beginning of 2016? If so, you’re in good company. It’s common to get blasted with work, projects, or responsibilities you didn’t plan for when making those New Years resolutions. If you’ve struggled to stay the course, gotten sidetracked, or lost sight of your goals all together, don’t abandon all hope and give up just yet, merely refocus. You’ve still got time to end the year making progress. And lifestyle changes are never about reaching a final destination, but a continuous work in progress. Which means it’s never to late to begin again, and get a jumpstart on your 2017 goals.

The best thing you can do about those 2016 goals, is to learn what you could’ve done better or differently to optimize your chances at success. One of the number one reasons people let their weight loss or fitness goals fall by the wayside, is because they didn’t see significant progress or visible change as quickly as they would have liked.

Long-term health choices and consciousness shifts, long with fitness or strength training, both require an investment in your body that might not pay noticeable dividends for weeks or months. Just as your retirement fund and investment portfolio take time to achieve the desired results, your health goals take a while to accrue as well. Which means if you start now, making small changes to your diet and daily health habits, you’ll see results much faster after the New Year. You also won’t have all of the extra damage control to work on, like everyone else, who just lets it all go during the high calorie holiday season.

Another reason for food and fitness goal fiascos, is that we don’t make our goals specific enough, or set them within a realistic time frame. Go ahead and review your goals from 2016, make adjustments, and rewrite your goals for 2017. Let me emphasize the part where I said, “WRITE” your goals. Posting an update on Facebook, that you are finally going to the gym this year, does not count. Posting pictures of your healthy New Years Day Smoothie on Instagram does not count, either. Nor does tweeting “#diet” qualify as an attainable goal. These are helpful tools for reaching your goals, but not for setting them!

On a clean sheet of paper, or a new notebook, write down your 2017 goals as specifically as possible. Now take a moment to write out why you want to achieve each goal, and how you want that achievement to make you feel, and be brutally honest. If you want to lose 20lbs, so you don’t feel embarrassed to go to the pool with your kids, that’s awesome. Or if you’re single, ready to mingle, and you want rocking abs to show off to your next hot date, great. If your tired of what you see in the bathroom mirror when you get out of the shower, then more power to you!

Now that 2017 calendars are available, go ahead and start scheduling time to work on your health and fitness resolutions. If it’s scheduled on your calendar, just like your doctor or dentist appointments, then you are going to be much more likely to show up and follow through. You’re also less likely to dismiss the appointment time you’ve specifically set aside for your health, for those little interruptions that will inevitably pop up throughout the months ahead. Which brings me to my biggest point.

One major key to success in area of life planning or even business strategy, is anticipation. Planning for those things that are potential, and always possible, obstacles on your path to fulfilling your desires and dreams. Planning ahead for those pesky nuisances that have derailed your past efforts. The best offense is a great defense, so a successful strategy always includes planning, preventing, and preparing for obstacles that could cause you to miss the mark.

The last commonality I see in unreached potential with health, food, and lifestyle changes, is when a client tries to make too many changes at once. They end up feeling restricted, frustrated, and giving up way too early. So why not start “crowding out” some of your bad habits with some good habits now, so when January 1st rolls around, you won’t feel like your starting so far From the finish line.  One week at a time, replace one of your worst food habits, with a better one. For example, adding in lemon water first thing in the morning, so you drink a little less coffee with cream and sugar, or substituting your mid afternoon latte, with a chai tea. Go ahead and start walking 10 minutes a day, which will also get you out of the crazy, family packed house, full of tempting treats and fatty foods. Go ahead and start buying things you will need to start your healthiest year ever, like a good juicer, or new running shoes. Scope out the local gyms now, and look into some fitness classes, or book training appointments online.

For more great habits you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine, between now and New Years, download my ebook, 7 Days to Weigh Less and Live More. And maybe it’s time you consider making the investment in a coach, in the long run, it’s much more affordable than you’ve probably imagined. I’m trained in hundreds of dietary theories, to help you find the one that meets your individual needs, and the accountability I provide through one on one or group coaching will be an invaluable asset. I provide meal plans, workout information, and I strive to help you make the best food and lifestyle choices based on your goals and bio individuality. You can find my ebook and more information on coaching programs at