The #eatbetterfeelbetter 21 Day Challenge is a two-week meal plan that focuses on cooking and eating real food in order to feel great, PLUS one week dedicated to the nourishment that we need to feel complete-mind, body, and soul! Of course, a healthy diet loaded with REAL FOOD is crucial for this, which is why, with the help of nutritionists and dietitians recommendations, I have incorporated delicious meals into the menu to give you tons of energy and satisfy your cravings! This challenge is flexible, but meets top rated nutritional guidelines — low-carb, gluten-free, nonprocessed food, lots and lots of fresh produce — with yummy recipes and easy-to-follow instructions. Most important, it’s all about eating super-healthy food that leaves you feeling happy and energized.
You’ll eat three meals and two snacks every day. The in-depth challenge Guidebook will walk  you through everything from grocery shopping to cooking to exactly when and how to store leftovers. And don’t worry: There’s plenty of variety, so you won’t get bored.  You’ll learn to cook and eat healthy food. More important, you’ll feel awesome.

Your third week will include an in depth look at primary foods, which are the foods that nourish you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s face it, you can eat all the healthy food you want, but if you’re in a shitty relationship, or a dead end job, you’ll still feel like crap.

This entire program is only $149! To make this price SUPER sweet, today, only pay $49, then pay your balance on January 1st. This price is only good for a couple of days. I am on a mission to help as many people reach their goals in 2017 as possible. But when I’ve filled the few spots I have left, normal price resumes (& this is over $1200 value)!!!

Here is a sample menu plan for the 14 days of the nutrition portion of the challenge...

Here is a sneak peak at your fabulous fourteen days of clean eating! Your challenge Guidebook will include preparation, shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes. I’ve even included an eating out “cheat sheet” and a bonus list of 50 clean eating foods!

I’ve taken all of the guesswork out of your prep work by including lists of everything you’ll need to get busy having fun in the kitchen.

Week Three-Primary Foods

The first two weeks of the challenge were devoted to secondary foods, those that nourish your physical body. Now, we focus on primary foods, those that nourish your mind and soul. Things like goal setting, meditation, gratitude, relationships, spirituality, and career-to help you balance, work, life, and play!

Here’s a review of the 21 Day Challenge

Join Jennifer Otts, CEO of Jennifer Otts, Inc., and Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant for an online training, “#eatbetterfeelbetter 21 Day Challenge.” This is a 3 week intense and concentrated program to assist you in making better lifestyle and food choices, for optimal health and wellness, so you can thrive. Every week, meet with Jennifer and dozens of other health experts and leaders in the wellness industry and receive personalized advice, tips, classes, webinars and support. In addition, you will receive a challenge Guidebook, which includes meal plans, recipes, & shopping lists to keep you focused on your health vision. You will also get a one on one coaching call with Jennifer, with her full commitment to helping you achieve your wellness and weight loss goals.

Jennifer will share her secrets to healing and weight loss through her diet while creating a life of balance, and help you do the same.

Some of our topics will includes:

Intention, Goals, and Designing Your Vision

Successful Mindset // Focus

Removing Blocks // What’s really holding you back

Food Choices

Healthy Habits

Acquiring Balance // Achieving Peace// Lasting Happiness

In addition, receive direct access to Jennifer via email to get all your questions answered.

Jennifer Otts

Jennifer Otts


Jennifer realized her destiny was to enrich both the professional and personal lives of those looking to achieve more success and improve their health, through sustainable habits, better food and lifestyle choices, and natural alternatives, after her own successful battle with Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases. As a serial entrepreneur with an obsession for personal growth, she is seasoned in the rocky road of self-development and understands the challenges and obstacles high achievers face when recreating their own vision of success, health, and wealth. She’s best known for her limitless ambition, her sense of adventure and humor, and her “rebound” mentality.