Set your alarm for sunrise. Get up with the sun, and start your day with a prayer of nothing but gratitude. Think of the three things you are most grateful for, as you watch the light bring the day to life. Now throw on a big shirt, baggy jogging pants and tennis shoes. Go outside and no matter what the weather, walk for just 10 minutes, then skip for five, then run for five, then turn around and head back home. Get a large glass of water and squeeze in some lemon. Cut up some fresh fruit, apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, throw in a little yogurt. Now go back upstairs and take a shower, wash your hair, and use your expensive soap that smells so good. Put on something really nice, but comfy. A nice top and some jeans. Towel dry your hair, put on some lipgloss and perfume, pretty earrings, and let your hair dry naturally, and look in the mirror. Find three things you really like in your reflection. Now take a tube of red lipstick and write in the mirror “I am enough” in big letters. Now spend the rest of your day, acting like it. See what a day started in self love, does for your life. The smallest shifts in attitude will greatly change your altitude, allowing you to rise above whatever challenges you and be more, do more, and have more. Namaste.